World Sparrow Day 2020: Status of endangered domestic sparrow in India

Every year World Sparrow Day is observed on March 20, 2020. World Sparrow Day is observed to raise awareness about this bird and to conserve it. Sparrow is a common bird in India but it has been reached on the verge of extinction in urban areas.

The Nature Forever Society of Indian environmentalist Mohammad Dilawar started this initiative in view of the rapid decline in its population. The first World Sparrow Day was celebrated in 2010 in different parts of the world.

According to a 2018 report of the Royal Society of London, the bond between humans and sparrows is 11,000 years old. The study said that similar adaptation started through agriculture in three different species – dogs, domestic sparrows and humans.

Status of Sparrow in India

According to a recent survey by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, the number of other birds has increased in the last 40 years, but sparrow numbers have decreased by 60% in India. There are 26 species of sparrow worldwide while 5 of them are found in India.

According to the 2015 bird census, there were only 5692 sparrows in Lucknow and about 775 sparrows in some areas of Punjab. In 2017, only 29 sparrows were identified in Thiruvananthapuram.

A survey by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research found that their number decreased by 80% in Andhra Pradesh. States like Kerala, Gujarat and Rajasthan have seen up to 20% decline.


World Sparrow Day was first observed in 2010 with the efforts of Mohammad Dilawar, president of the Nature Forever Society. Since then, this day is observed every year on March 20. Its purpose is to bring awareness among the people towards the protection of sparrow.

Importance of Sparrow

Sparrow plays an important role in environmental balance. Sparrows feed their children with insects called alpha and catworm. These insects are extremely dangerous for crops. They kill the leaves of crops and destroy them. In addition, sparrow eats insects that appear during monsoon season .

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