Top Journalism Specialisations In India

Journalism is a vast field. Contrary to the popular opinion that journalism is all about politics, there are many different fields that a journalist can specialise in depending upon their interests and career choices. If you are also an aspiring journalist, you can pick from any of the following popular journalism specializations to build your career in.

Political Journalism

Political Journalism is one of the most common and popular forms of journalism. From print to radio to digital; political journalism is a popular domain on every media platform. It is a branch of journalism that covers all aspects related to national and international politics. The field basically aims to provide voters with information to formulate their opinion on the matters related to the government that are likely to affect them. Some notable political journalists include Karan Thapar, GauriLankesh, N. Ram and many others.

Entertainment Journalism

Entertainment Journalism entails itself with every aspect of the entertainment industry. Starting from celebrity coverage to fashion news to film critics to music and even video game reviews, Entertainment journalism covers them all. Entertainment journalists are trained in the art of writing reviews that capture the pulse of the audiences. As an entertainment journalist, you will find career opportunities with newspaper offices, magazines, online publications, radio and television newsrooms, PR agencies, TV and film production houses etc.  

Sports Journalism

Career as a Sports Journalist is the perfect amalgamation of a career in journalism along with your passion for a sport. As a sports journalist, your work will include sports coverage, investigative journalism in sports, reporting game statistics, interviewing coaches and players, game commentary etc. This field offers great career opportunities to sports enthusiasts interested in making a career in the field of journalism. 

Travel Journalism

If you suffer from wanderlust or have passion for travelling to undiscovered places, then travel journalism might just be your calling. Travel journalists are entrusted the task of writing about different destinations, describing various cultures and their customs. But they also help in publishing travel information like the itinerary guides, country guides, interviews withlocal people and presentation of local customs and traditions through their writing. What sets them apart from their counterparts is their knack to find information that is usually not included in travel guide books and other such means.

Data Journalism

Although a relatively new field, Data Journalism is fast gaining the popularity as a preferred journalism specialization in India. Data journalism means presenting news and information in the form of factually accurate numerical data. Through Data Journalism, journalists can report a complex story through engaging tools such as interactive digital graphics, charts, and maps. The field provides a means to bring together the topics such as statistics, design, computer science, data visualization etc with the core principles of journalism.

So, these were the most popular journalism specialisations in India. However, this is not all that there is to journalism, there are many other areas in the field of journalism that you can specialise. For more information about the field of journalism please visit our website

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