Maharaja Ranjit Singh named as greatest leader in world history

Maharaja Ranjit Singh named as the ‘greatest leader ever’ in the world in a survey conducted by BBC World History Magazine. Maharaja Ranjit Singh was the Indian ruler of the Sikh Empire of 19th century. More than 5,000 readers participated in this poll.

Maharaja Ranjit Singh was selected with more than 38 percent of the votes for creating a new tolerant empire.  Amilcar Cabral received 25 percent of votes to secure second place in the poll. Cabral was the African freedom fighter and played a major role in African independence.

Maharaja Ranjit Singh

Maharaja Ranjit Singh was born on November 13, 1780, in Gujranwala, Pakistan. He is also known as the ‘Lion of Punjab’ and counted among the greatest Sikh leaders. Ranjit Singh not only kept Punjab united but also did not allow the British to capture his empire.

Maharaja Ranjit Singh ruled Punjab for nearly 40 years (1801-1839). He made his kingdom so powerful that an invading army would not have dared to look at his during his life. Maharaja Ranjit Singh died on June 27, 1839. At that time, he was 59 years old.

He established law and order in Punjab and never gave a death penalty to anyone. He was known as a secular leader in world history. He also prohibited Jiziya from the Hindus and Sikhs. He never forced anyone to adopt Sikhism.

Other leaders in poll result

Amilcar Cabral united more than a million people to liberate Guinea from the control of Portugal and after this many African nations were encouraged to fight for freedom. Winston Churchill, who was the British Prime Minister at the time of the war, finished third for quick decisions with seven percent of the vote.

Former US President Abraham Lincoln was fourth and British Empress Elizabeth First ranked fifth among women. Ranjit Singh, popularly known as ‘Lion of Punjab’, came to power after economic and political instability. It was told in the magazine that in the early decade of the 19th century, he had modernized the Sikh Khalsa Army.

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