Weekly Current Affairs Quiz: 6 January to 12 January 2020

6 January to 12 January 2020: Jagran Josh aims to help every competitive exam aspirant to revise at ease with Current Affairs Quizzes section. The week’s updated quizzes cover topics such as Golden Globe Awards 2020, Amma Vodi scheme, Sabarimala verdict, and new residential builder finance among others. 

1. Which series won the Golden Globe in Best Television Series – Drama category?
a) Big Little Lies
b) The Crown
c) Succession
d) The Morning Show

2. Which film won Best Film Award in the drama category in the Golden Globe 2020 Awards?
a) Once Upon A Time in Hollywood
b) Joker
c) Chernobyl
d) 1917

3. Who is ranked at the top of Forbes India’s list of 20 people to watch in the 2020s?
a) Eliud Kipchoge
b) Hassan Minhaj
c) Greta Thunberg
d) Mahua Moitra

4. The constitution bench formed to hear pleas seeking review of Supreme Court’s landmark Sabarimala verdict will comprise how many judges?
a) Seven 
b) Eight
c) Nine
d) Six

5. India’s first Human Space Flight Infrastructure Centre will be established in which state?
a) Gujarat
b) Maharashtra
c) Jharkhand
d) Karnataka

6. Which state has launched the ‘Amma Vodi’ scheme to provide financial assistance to BPL mothers for the education of their children?
a) Tamil Nadu
b) Telangana 
c) Andhra Pradesh 
d) Madhya Pradesh

7. Which bank has launched new residential builder finance with a buyer guarantee scheme? 
a) RBI
b) SBI
c) OBC
d) BOI

8. Which Indian weightlifter has been banned for four years after being found guilty of doping?
a) Sarbjeet Kaur
b) Sathish Sivalingam
c) Pardeep Singh
d) Vikas Thakur

9. Which Indian telecommunications company has launched its Wi-Fi calling service for voice and video?
a) Reliance Jio
b) Airtel
c) Vodafone 
d) Mtnl 

10. When is World Hindi Day celebrated every year?
a) 8th February 
b) 10th January
c) 14th March
d) 20th September


1. (c) Succession 
Succession, a British-American comedy-drama television series won the 2020 Golden Globe award in Best Television Series – Drama category. The series is created by Jesse Armstrong. 

2. (d) 1917
The Best Feature Film award (Drama) was given to ‘1917’ while the Best Actor Award was given to Joaquin Phoenix for ‘Joker’. The first Golden Globe Award was given in 1944. This time 77th edition of this award was held. 

3. (b) Hassan Minhaj
The US-based political commentator and comedian Hassan Minhaj was ranked first in Forbes India’s list of 20 people to watch in the 2020s. Kanhaiya Kumar, Prashant Kishor, and Mahua Moitra have also found a place in the list. Environmental Activist Greta Thunberg was ranked 15th on the list.

4. (c) Nine 
The Supreme Court has constituted a new nine-judge bench to hear pleas seeking review of its previous judgement on the Sabarimala issue. The bench will take up all the review petitions from January 13, 2020. 

5. (d) Karnataka
Human Space Flight Infrastructure Centre will be established by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) in Challakere, Karnataka. This training center will be constructed in 400 acres at a cost of Rs 2700 crore.

6. (c) Andhra Pradesh
Andhra Pradesh CM Jagan Mohan Reddy has launched a Rs 6,318 cr ‘Amma Vodi’ scheme for below poverty line mothers to educate their children. The state will provide financial assistance worth Rs 15000 annually to the poor mothers and guardians of school-going children. 

7. (b) SBI
The State of Bank of India launched ‘residential builder finance with buyer guarantee’ scheme to revive the Indian real estate sector on January 8, 2020. Under the scheme, the largest public sector bank will issue a guarantee for completion of select residential projects to customers availing home loans from it.

8. (a) Sarbjeet Kaur
Indian weightlifter Sarbjeet Kaur has been banned from the sport for four years after being found guilty of a doping violation. The weightlifter had won the 71kg event at the women’s national weightlifting championships in February 2019.

9. (a) Reliance Jio
Reliance Jio has launched its Wi-Fi calling service for both voice and video calling platforms. Reliance Jio’s Wi-Fi service will be known as VoWiFi. 

10. (b) 10 January
World Hindi Day is celebrated every year on January 10. Former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh announced to celebrate World Hindi Day in 2006. The first World Hindi Conference was organized in Nagpur on January 10, 1976.


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