UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson tests positive for COVID-19

World Leaders & Politicians that have Contracted COVID-19

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson joins a long list of world leaders and personalities that have contracted COVID-19 during the last 1 month. Following is the full list of world leaders who have been tested positive for the virus:


1. Prince Charles


Prince Charles – the eldest son and heir to Queen Elizabeth II, also tested positive for Coronavirus infection. He is currently under self-isolation at a Royal Estate in Scotland.


2. Michel Barnier


In Europe, French Politician Michel Barnier, who is the chief negotiator of European Union on BREXIT has also tested positive on 19th March 2020.


3. Angela Merkel (Suspected)


German Chancellor Angela Merkel was also suspected of being positive, after a doctor who treated her tested positive for the virus. However, so far the test result for German Chancellor has come back negative.


4. Sophie Gregoire Trudeau

In Canada, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau – wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tested positive earlier in the month. Since then, Trudeau has been in isolation.


5. Prince Albert II (Suspected)


Reports have also confirmed that Prince Albert II of Monaco has also tested positive for COVID-19 but “there are “no concerns for his health” as informed by one of his Palace spokespersons.  


6. Nadine Dorries


UK Health Minister Nadine Dorries was the first senior minister in the United Kingdom to be tested positive for COVID-19. She is currently in self-isolation. 

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