Top 5 Current Affairs: 28 January 2020

Saudi Arabia refuses Israeli citizens to visit the nation

Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan recently made an announcement that it will not allow citizens of Israel to visit the nation, despite the Israeli authorities allowed its citizens to visit the gulf nation. It is Israel’s authority over Palestinian territory that has prevented the Arab world including Saudi Arabia to build diplomatic relations with the country.

West Bengal to pass resolution demanding scrapping of CAA

West Bengal recently became the 4th state to move an anti-CAA resolution that demands the repeal of the controversial Citizen Amendment Act, CAA. The resolution also calls for the withdrawal of NPR and NRC. Previously in September 2019, the state government had passed the same resolution against the National Register of Citizens.

SC to wrap up all cases of gender discrimination at religious places within 10 days

Supreme Court has set aside a 10-day period to close all the cases of discrimination against women at temples and other religious places. The nine-judge bench of the apex court will take up the hearing of all such cases and will wrap them up within 10 days. One of such cases includes a review petition against Supreme Court’s Sabarimala Verdict.

MGNREGA Scheme running out of funds

As per a recent report, the MGNREGA Scheme is running out of funds. Of the total sanctioned funds, over 96 percent has already been spent on the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA). The Union Budget 2019-20 allocated Rs 60,000 crores for MGNREGA.

Maharashtra Government launches ‘Shiv Bhojan’ scheme

Shiv Sena-led state government has launched ‘Shiv Bhojan’ scheme in Maharashtra with an aim to provide a meal to poor at the subsidized rate of Rs 10. The launch of the scheme marks the fulfilment of one of the key campaign promises made by Shiv Sena during Maharashtra Assembly Elections 2019.

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