Suposhit Maa Abhiyan: Om Birla launches campaign to create malnutrition-free India

Suposhit Maa Abhiyan in News: Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla recently launched a national campaign from Kota, Rajasthan on March 1, 2020, to create malnutrition-free India. Om Birla launched “Suposhit Maa Abhiyan” will support adolescent girls and pregnant women in the country.

The main objective of this campaign is to keep pregnant women and newborn health. It has been launched from Kota but it will cover entire India. About 1000 kits of 17 kg balanced diet were provided to 1,000 pregnant women in the first phase of the campaign.

Suposhit Maa Abhiyan

• Suposhit Maa Abhiyan is a campaign to preserve the health of our future generations. Lok Sabha speaker said on this occasion that such programmes have to be made a mass movement to fulfill dreams of 130 crore Indians.
• According to the plan, 1000 women will be given food for 1 month for 12 months. At the same time, the health of the child, including medical examination, blood, medicine, delivery, will be taken care of.
• It is nutritional support for pregnant mothers and girls. The campaign will not only look after pregnant women but also newborn babies will be part of this scheme.


In the first phase of this campaign, about 1000 pregnant women will be benefited. Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla launched this scheme from his constituency Kota. Suposhit Maa Abhiyan will include one pregnant woman from a family. The Suposhit Maa Abhiyan will also ensure new born’s health. Nutrition kit given per month for 9 months will be 17 kg. This will include wheat, gram, maize, and millet flour, jaggery, oatmeal, lentils, large soybean, ghee, groundnut, roasted gram, dates, and rice.

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