Current Affairs Quiz: 20 January 2020

20 January 2020: The Current Affairs Quizzes section of Jagranjosh aims to help every competitive exam aspirant to revise the day at ease. The day’s updated quizzes cover topics such as 26th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, three-capital proposal and new BJP National President among others.

1. Which film won the Best Film Award at the 26th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards?
a) Parasite
b) Bombshell
c) The Irishman
d) Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood

2. Who won best actor award in a drama series at the SAG Awards 2020?
a) Steve Carell 
b) Billy Crudup 
c) David Harbour
d) Peter Dinklage

3. Which state has introduced a draft bill that proposes the creation of three state capitals?
a) Telangana 
b) Maharashtra 
c) Uttar Pradesh
d) Andhra Pradesh

4.  Who has been elected as the 11th BJP National President?
a) Rajnath Singh
b) Nitin Gadkari
c) Jagat Prakash Nadda
d) Narendra Singh Tomar

5. India successfully test-first which nuclear capable missile on January 19?
a) Wajra-VI
b) Astra-8
c) K-4
d) SN-19

6. Which state’s CM has launched a guarantee card promising 24×7 electricity and cleaning drinking water supply among other guarantees?
a) Maharashtra
b) Delhi
c) Uttar Pradesh 
d) Madhya Pradesh

7. Which state has decided to provide stalls to divyangs for opening of shops at prime locations?
a) Uttar Pradesh 
b) Rajasthan
c) Jharkhand
d) Telangana

8. The deadly Coronavirus spread widely in which nation in January 2020?
a) Japan
b) China
c) South Korea
d) India


1. (a) Parasite
South Korean film Parasite has created history by becoming the first foreign-language film to win the Screen Actors Guild Award for outstanding performance by a cast in a motion picture.

2. (d) Peter Dinklage
Peter Dinklage won the ‘Best Actor’ award in a drama series at the SAG Awards 2020 for his role as Tyrion Lannister in the popular TV show, Game of Thrones. The show also won the SAG award for best action in television stunt ensembles. 

3. (d) Andhra Pradesh
The Andhra Pradesh state government has introduced a new bill in the state assembly to create three state capitals- legislative capital in Amaravati, executive capital in Visakhapatnam and judicial capital in Kurnool.

4. (c) Jagat Prakash Nadda
Jagat Prakash Nadda has been elected as the 11th National President of the BJP, succeeding Union Home Minister Amit Shah. Nadda was appointed as the working President of the party in June 2019. 

5. (c) K-4
India successfully test-fired K-4 ballistic missile on January 19, 2020 off  the coast of Andhra Pradesh. The missile with a strike range of 3500km is a nuclear capable ballistic missile, which will enhance India’s capabilities to hit enemy targets from submarines.

6. (b) Delhi
AAP chief and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal launched a ‘Guarantee Card’ on January 19, 2020. The card comprises 10 guarantees for Delhi residents including 24×7 drinking water supply and power supply, affordable homes for the poor, free public bus travel for students and appointment of Mohalla marshals to ensure safety of women. 

7. (a) Uttar Pradesh
The Uttar Pradesh government has decided to launch a unique scheme, under which it will provide stalls to the divyangs for opening of shops at the prime locations such as bus stops. The move aims to help the people live an independent life with dignity. 

8. (b) China 
The dearly Coronavirus has spread widely in China with 139 confirmed new cases. The virus was first reported in Wuhan in late December 2019.  Since then, a total of 198 cases have been reported, raising concerns regarding the containment of the virus. 

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