Bengaluru has world’s worst traffic, Mumbai ranked 4th in the list: Report

Bangalore has declared as the world’s worst city in terms of traffic congestion. According to the Global Traffic Index-2019, conducted by a Netherlands based firm Tom-Tom, people spent 243 hours in traffic jams in 2019. India has four such cities among the world’s 10 highest traffic-congested cities.

The vehicle navigation company, TomTom’s, said in its annual traffic index that it has surveyed in 416 cities, in 57 countries and 6 continents. It is the ninth annual edition of TomTom.

India Specific Findings

• According to the report, it takes 71% more time to complete the journey of 30 minutes. Not only this, four Indian cities have been included in the world’s top 10 cities with most congested traffic.
• As per average, people in Bangalore spend 243 hours every year in traffic jams which is equal to 10 days and 3 hours.
• The maximum congestion (103 percent) in Bengaluru was recorded on August 20, 2019, while the lowest congestion (30%) was recorded on April 06, 2019.
• Similarly, people driving in Mumbai spend 209 hours in traffic every year.
• Maximum congestion was recorded on September 09, 2019 (101%) while the lowest congestion was recorded on March 21, 2019.
• According to the report, Delhi has the maximum number of cars while it is fourth on the list.

Top 10 cities with worst traffic in the world


Congestion %

Bengaluru, India


Manila, Philippines


Bogota, Colombia


Mumbai, India


Pune, India


Moscow, Russia


Lima, Peru


Delhi, India


Istanbul, Turkey


Jakarta, Indonesia


Global Findings

Manila (Philippines), Bogota (Colombia), Moscow (Russia), Lima (Peru), Istanbul (Turkey) and Jakarta (Indonesia) are also in the top-10 list. According to the report, people are spending an average of 193 hours of their life in traffic-jam every year. Greensboro-High Point of USA has the least traffic congestion in the world.

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