Current Affairs Quiz: 20 February 2020

20 February 2020: The Current Affairs Quizzes section of Jagranjosh aims to help every competitive exam aspirant to revise current affairs questions related to the important events of the day. The day’s updated quizzes cover topics such as World’s cleanest petrol, CIC Chief and Great Backyard Bird count among others.

1. Which country will switch to the world’s cleanest petrol, diesel from April 1?
a. USA
b. India
c. Bangladesh
d. China

2. Who among the following has recently been appointed as the Chief Information Commissioner (CIC)?
a. Arvind Deshpandey
b. Sanjay Kaul
c. Bimal Julka
d. Nitin Dass

3. What is the name of a special train that will visit tourist places associated with Lord Rama?
a. Shri Ramayana Express
b. Bhagwan Ram Express
c. Shri Ram Express
d. Ayodhya Naresh Express

4. The Supreme Court has issued a directive to which state government on February 19, 2020 to immediately stop illegal sand mining?
a. Haryana
b. Punjab
c. Jharkhand
d. Rajasthan

5. Who has been appointed as the Chairman of ‘Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Tirtha Kshetra Trust’?
a. Mahant Nritya Gopal Das
b. Champat Rai
c. Ashok Singhal
d. Mahant Govind Giri Narayan

6. According to the Ethnologue, which language is the world’s third most spoken language?
a. English
b. Mandarin
c. Spanish
d. Hindi

7. How many new species of birds have been indentified in Ladakh during Great Backyard Bird count?
a. Four
b. Seven
c. Two
d. Five

8. Which state has recently found a new species of Lizard – Urban Bent-Toed Gecko?
a. Odisha
b. Assam
c. Karnataka
d. West Bengal


1. (b) India
India will start using BS Euro-VI emission friendly fuel from April 01, 2020. This fuel is known as the cleanest fuel option in the world.

2. (c) Bimal Julka
Former Information and Broadcasting Secretary Bimal Julka has been appointed as Chief Information Commissioner (CIC). Bimal Julka is currently serving as the Information Commissioner in the Central Information Commission.

3. (a) Shri Ramayana Express
A special train on the theme of Ramayana – ‘Shri Ramayana Express’ is going to be launched from March 28, 2020. According to the information released by the IRCTC, this train will visit the places associated with Lord Rama.

4. (d) Rajasthan
The Supreme Court issued a directive on February 19, 2020 to the Rajasthan government to immediately stop illegal sand mining. The Supreme Court has sought a response from the state government within four weeks in this regard.

5. (a) Mahant Nritya Gopal Das
Mahant Nritya Gopal Das has been elected as the Chairman of ‘Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Tirtha Kshetra Trust’ while Champat Rai has been appointed as the General Secretary of the trust.

6. (d) Hindi
According to the report published by Ethnologue, Hindi is the third most spoken language in the world. English is the most spoken language in the world because 1,132 million people speak this language across the world. Mandarin has 1,117 million speakers in the world while Hindi has 615 million speakers worldwide.

7. (c) Two
Two new bird species have been identified in the Union Territory Ladakh during the Great Backyard Bird count. It was the first time in the Ladakh when Plumbeous Water Redstart and Red Throated Thrush have been found in the region.

8. (b) Assam
A new species of Lizard – Urban Bent-Toed Gecko has been found in Guwahati, Assam. All bent-toed geckos of northeastern India were considered to be a single species. 

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