CBSE 10th Board Exam 2020: Check Important Questions & Answers for English Language & Literature (Chapter 1- Letter to God)

CBSE class 10 board exam is scheduled to be on 26th February 2020. Candidates appearing for the exam must check the important set of questions & answers of chapter 1 (Letter to God). The prose is from the book ‘First Flight’ and the given questions are from CBSE Sample Paper as well as from the NCERT book. Practice these short and long questions along with their answers.

Q1- Why Lencho said that raindrops were like ‘new coins’?

Ans Lencho compared the raindrops to ‘new coins’ because his crops were all ready for harvest but they needed a good downpour. After which he would be able to sell the harvest and earn money.

CBSE Class 10 English Language and Literature Sample Paper 2020 with Marking Scheme, Answer Hints & Examination Pattern

Q2- What Lencho hoped for?

Ans- Lencho only hoped for rains as a good shower was the only thing that his field needed.

Q3- What way the rain changed and What happened to Lencho’s fields?

Ans- With rain suddenly, a strong wind began to blow and very large hailstones began to fall. Lencho’s fields were destroyed because the hail rained on the valley for an hour. The corn was completely destroyed.

Q4- What was Lencho feeling when the hail stopped?

Ans- Once the hail was stopped, Lencho was filled with sadness. He mentioned that there would be no corn that year and they would go hungry.

Q5- Lencho had complete faith in God but lacked faith in humanity. Explain with reference to ‘A Letter to God

Ans- Lencho had written a letter to god explaining that his crops are ruined on the farm. He asked God to give him 100 pesos. But when he received the letter he found only 70 pesos in it assuming that the people working in the post office had taken his 30 pesos. But he didn’t know that the postmaster himself collects money and gives to Lencho. This shows that Lencho had lost faith in humanity but had complete faith in God.

Q6- Did Lencho tries to find out who had sent him the money? Why/Why not?

Ans- No, Lencho did not try to find out who sent the money to him. Because he thought that it would be only God who would send him the money. It signifies his strong faith in God.

Q7- Why the postmaster send the money to Lencho? Explain why does he sign the letter ‘God’?

Ans- The postmaster sent the money to Lencho so that his faith in God will remain alive.

Q8- Who does Lencho suspected has taken the rest of the money? Discuss the irony in the situation? (Remember that the irony is an unexpected aspect of any situation. An ironic situation is strange because it is the complete opposite of what is expected.)

Ans- Lencho suspected that the people from the post office had taken his money. The irony in this situation is that the people he thought took his money were the ones who were contributing and sending him the money.

Q9- Who does Lencho have complete faith in?

Ans- Lencho had complete faith only in God. Many of his statements from the prose indicate that.

Q10- Two kinds of conflicts are shown in the story: between humans and nature, and between humans themselves. Explain how these conflicts are illustrated?

Ans- The conflict between humans and nature is shown through hailstorm which destroys Lencho’s crops. The violence of nature through rain shows the conflict between the two.

The other conflict shown is between humans themselves where Lencho blames post office employees for stealing his money. But in fact, they were the ones who were collecting and sending him the amount and were signing the letter God. This shows the lack of faith that humans have on each other.

CBSE Class 10 English Language and Literature Syllabus for Board Exam 2020

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